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Dr. Gillian Growse


About half of all pregnant women will experience back pain during pregnancy. Common complaints include

  1. Low back pain

  2. Pelvic girdle pain

  3. Symphysis pubis pain (pain in the front of the pelvis and groin)

Research studies report that manual therapy, including chiropractic care, can help lessen the pain experienced during pregnancy and labour. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe and effective. Some of the treatment techniques used include spinal mobilizations/adjustments, myofascial release, exercises (including ones to help prep for birth), kinesio-taping and patient education. 

Chiropractors also can use acupuncture as a treatment technique. The literature shows this has been especially helpful in decreasing pain levels.  

As part of a multidisciplinary treatment plan, chiropractic can help postpartum women recover quicker and address biomechanical complaints and rehabilitation.