It is a specialized area of physiotherapy that focuses on issues related to the pelvic floor, the muscles, ligaments, bones, and function of the system as a whole. Assessment and treatment of the muscles is done through external and internal palpation. The internal assessment is only performed if you feel comfortable to do so, however it provides a whole picture of the system and is highly recommended. The internal exam is vaginal and/or rectal if warranted. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is beneficial for pregnancy related issues and many other dysfunctions.


Patients that experience: hip and low back pain, sacroiliac discomfort, painful periods, pelvic girdle pain, urinary or fecal incontinence, increased frequency of trips to the bathroom, pelvic organ prolapse, painful intercourse, vaginismus, diastasis rectus (separation of abs), interstitial cystitis, and persistent pelvic pain. We also offer services to aid in rehab either pre or post-prostatectomy, and for those experiencing chronic prostatitis or erectile dysfunction. See our programs for more!


Patients will be emailed questionnaires to fill out prior to their initial assessment. The first visit focuses on a comprehensive history, main concerns, and your goals. There is an internal component (vaginal/rectal), however if a patient is not fully comfortable with this it can be done on a subsequent visit, or not at all. There are many other external assessment and treatment options that can be done as well, however it does not provide as full of a picture. A specific plan will be created as a team including treatment timeline, self-management strategies, and any referral to other services if needed.


Yes. It is covered under Physiotherapy.
A prescription is not needed for assessment, but may be required by some insurance companies.
60 min Initial Assessment - $135
45 min Follow Up Treatment - $115
30 min Follow Up Treatment - $95


If you are recently pregnant, you are able to undergo an internal pelvic assessment and follow up treatments if you have been cleared to have intercourse. This evaluation can happen any time throughout your pregnancy. 

For post-natal patients, we recommend that an internal examination occur after your 6 week checkup. However, there are many external methods that can be used at any time post-natal to help re-connect, strengthen the pelvic floor, and get back to regular activities with an optimal and functional core.


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