Dr. Emily Martin


Why work with a naturopathic doctor throughout pregnancy?

A naturopathic doctor can offer you safe and effective natural treatment options for a variety of common pregnancy concerns. A naturopathic doctor can also guide you in the proper nutrition and lifestyle habits that will assist in keeping you and your baby healthy throughout your pregnancy. They will give you additional support to navigate the major life and health changes associated with pregnancy.


First Trimester Support

  • Manage nausea and vomiting with natural treatments, such as ginger, vitamin B6, and acupuncture and/or acupressure.

  • Enhance your nutrition to improve nausea, fatigue, and your health overall.

  • Understand why omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, probiotics, and proper nutrient intake have the potential to optimize the health of you and your baby long-term. 

Second Trimester Support

  • Additional nutrition and supplemental support can be helpful for managing gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and other health concerns that can arise in pregnancy.

  • Understand which herbs are safe to use during pregnancy with the support of a naturopath, such as raspberry leaf to enhance uterine tone, nettle leaf to optimize nutrition, and echinacea to fight infections.

  • Support digestive health to better manage constipation, heartburn, and other uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

  • Gain valuable advice on how to support mood and sleep as you near the third trimester, including sleep hygiene, magnesium supplementation, and mindfulness practice.

Third Trimester  

  • Prepare for your birth with suggestions for natural pain relief techniques that can be used alone or in combination with conventional pain relief medication during labour.

  • Prepare your body and baby for the birthing process with pre-birth acupuncture treatments, starting at 36 weeks.

  • Consider acupuncture as a natural labour induction technique.